WORLD EXPO 2020, DUBAI – Be Part of It!

Видео – работа в поддержку заявки ОАЭ в WORLD EXPO 2020.
"Почему WORLD EXPO 2020 должна быть проведена именно в Дубаи".
The second video work to support a bid of the UAE for WORLD EXPO 2020 DUBAI, UAE.
«Why Should World EXPO 2020 Come To Dubai». 🙂

11 thoughts on “WORLD EXPO 2020, DUBAI – Be Part of It!”

  1. This video includes three songs. All used video and music materials are listed at the end of the video.

    • Correct, but UAE in a whole (and Dubai exactly) figts for a win. Same as mentoined airlines are not from Dubai only. And so on.

  2. Thanks a lot , You made my DAY … Thanks for all the people who support Dubai and all countries believe in Dubai .. You are in Your HOME … 

  3. Im from Sudan,  we are broud of Dubai ,Its the city of development , renaissance and peace ,Ilove dubai ………………….


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