Jubilee dismisses NASA allegations on Dubai firm awarded IEBC ballot tender

In a presser the Jubilee Party claims NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga tried to influence the award of the contract to print ballot papers to Paarl Media, the South African firm that lost to Dubai-based Al Ghurair.

The presser was chaired by National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale.

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27 thoughts on “Jubilee dismisses NASA allegations on Dubai firm awarded IEBC ballot tender”

  1. NASA are a bunch of petulant cry babies with no agenda ,bad track record and a dangerous sense of entitlement to leadership positions.

  2. nduale stop hiding the facts. raila is right, u are always liers, hating the truth together with uhuru prepare and go home on 8th august. u talk and talk by the end of it u will be a maid to uhuru at gatundu.

  3. This election is different,don’t think when NASA smells unprofessional tempting stealing election horribly wrong …

  4. Jubilee leaders are just pathetic thinkers. Why didn’t they say that before NASA made their claim. Nobody can believe what Duale is saying now. We take it to be a diversionary tactic after they’ve been caught with their pants down. By the way, is Jubilee the God father of IEBC to the extent that they’re the ones who always come to answer queries on the performance of IEBC? These chaps of Jubilee are not clever at all. What you say today now confirms that you’re deeply involved in ballot paper fraud.

  5. “KNCCI is chaired by Kiprono Kittony, who on Thursday said there was no private meeting between Mr Al Ghurair and President Kenyatta, and that none of the issues discussed then touched on anything to do with the printing industry” (Daily Nation).
    Duale says Kittony took the delegates to the State house; Kittony says there was no private meeting… Did they go to meet the public at the state house?
    None of the issues discussed touched on printing ballot papers… This implies that there was a discussion. So the discussion was at the state house without the president?
    The South African company was going to donate Kshs. 1billion for a tender that costs 2.5 billion. Unbelievably generous! Unless incapacitated by loyalty to depravity, Duale’s discourse is encumbered by contradictions and incoherencies. But to those who loathe the opposition generally and RAO in particular, Duale was singing them a sweet song.

  6. Job well done Hon Aden Duale. Kitendawili can now respond to the queries raised or keep his silence till we send him to Bondo permanently in 08/08

  7. But where did we go wrong, since when did Jubilee become spokes person for IEBC, everytime an allegation is made towards IEBC its the Jubilee party that responds. How independent then is the IEBC

  8. Raila Odinga is like my ex girlfriend , they have common symptoms of complaining , the only difference is that Raila Calls Press conference in his complaining while my ex used texts and calls

  9. Duale,Tuju and the entire Jubilee brigade are wasting Kenyans time doing what they did when confronted with a similar scenerio in Waiguru’s and other corruption cases.They are unashamed thieves and criminals who will do anything in the name of power.Corrupt idiots who defend themselves very stupidly!


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