How to buy at a Police auction

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27 thoughts on “How to buy at a Police auction”

  1. These are the kind off people ruining beards for those of us that had them before it was “in fashion”. Just horrible.

  2. ok video not great….. we needed more info…. you guys had a good day out….but you told us NOTHING !!!!!!!!!! whats involved how do you bid… drove off the lot…..and all you did was look into the camera and smiled……. hope you guys can take constructive criticism…..thanks for doing this video hopefully next time we will get more on HOW TO-/-/-/-/-/- 😉

  3. you boneheads didnt show crap how to buy at auction! Waste of time watching you lunkheads play with each other!

  4. Sorry guys i heard one line how to find the best vehicle. I don’t even know what you paid on the expedition. That was a waste of my time.

  5. First time giving you guys a thumbs DOWN!!! There was NOTHING in this about how to buy at a police auction. I’m really disappointed. I thought you were going to tell us how to bid, how to go about getting in on such auctions, or at least what he paid for his truck…nope, NOTHING helpful at all. Again, VERY disappointed.


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